Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dynamic API Schema Reloading

In Swagger/OpenApi, you have to take down the servers to make changes AND synchronize the schema. NOT SO with the Grails API Plugin, BeAPI Framework.

In the BeAPI Framework, you can change your schema at anytime and reload it on the fly without ever taking your server down thus making changes to your endpoints, their ROLES/privileges, how they are called and what is returned.

Watch as we demonstrate that in this video:

API Profiler

Profiling API endpoints in a distributed architecture can be difficult. Thats why the Grails API Plugin, BeAPI Framework, has a built-in profiler.

In this video, we show how to profile your API endpoints to show bottlenecks in your application and your API calls.

Auto Generated API Docs

In the Grails API Plugin, BeAPI framework, we auto generate our api docs from the schema files. But unlike Swagger and OpenAPI, these files hold ALL the information for the API server and the Gateway so nothing can get out of sync.

Also, we associate ROLE/Privilege with the endpoints so when you are viewing them, you only see the endpoints and the data associated with your ROLE: